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Over the years there have been many programs written that perform malicious actions on our systems, there is a very fine line between malware and a typical virus, both can be used to steal data, passwords, spy on us (don’t go getting paranoid though!), or generally inconvenience us. Often we’re not even aware what is going on in the background, whereas other times there are popups, home page (that’s your first internet page when you go online) changes, being lead to different sites, or random boxes that tell you you suddenly have lots of errors – and claims that you can pay $100 to fix them). Don’t be fooled.

Note: A new version of malwarebytes is now out for download with even better security and a different user interface. We’ll be updating this page in due course but if you need help in the meantime, do give us a call.

There has been much software to combat malware too, The first I came across was Steve Gibsons ‘OptOut’,  at the time it was state of the art and helped keep many of us safer online.

Now we have Malwarebytes – Works well, is trusted, there’s a free version available (You’ve probably got that installed already) or an inexpensive full version, with real time protection against the majority of malware/spyware lurking online.

The excellent Malwarebytes (Click to visit their site) – it’s not ours, we don’t code it – but it is excellent!

As always, if you’re stuck, unsure or simply not comfortable – Call us or call into the store.


Malwarebytes Desktop Icon
How to use Malwarebytes

Open Malwarebytes, on some machines you may be prompted to run this with elevated priviledges (Administrator account), if so it is safe to approve it.






Malwarebytes will now display the dashboard, from here you can update, run a scan, change settings and view historical info on the scans.

Click on Update Now






Malwarebytes updating
Malwarebytes will check for updates and install them. From time to time there are also program updates which will behave as if you were installing Malwarebytes for the first time, you’ll be guided through this, but if you have any questions or issues, or simply don’t feel comfortable foing this yourself you can always give us a call or call into the store.

Once this is complete, you can click on ‘Scan Now’





Scanning for malware
Your computer will now be scanned by what is currently, from our research the most advanced detection tool for spyware, malware, and many virii.

Depending on the speed and state of your machine, this could take some time.. Sit back, have a coffee – or continue to work, or you could get out the vacuum cleaner instead of browsing random sites all day :p






Once complete you’ll see the results screen, giving you options to quarantine malware and PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) – Personally I find the safest route it to quarantine the lot – Most PUPs sneak onto your computer with other software, things like toolbars, weather bars and such like. They tend to slow down your system, hence I suggest quarantining them too.

Occasionally you may be prompted need to restart your computer to fully remove infections.

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